All Theo Wanne mouthpieces -- DURGA, KALI, AMMA, GAIAAMBIKA, BRAHMA, and DATTA -- boast our revolutionary True Large Chamber, raising the bar on saxophone mouthpieces and granting musicians a new level of sound.

What is a True Large Chamber?

True Large Chamber mouthpieces have significantly larger chambers than the bore. They also have significantly rounded inner side walls that extend all the way to the tip. This is done to allow the sound wave to spread width-wise in the mouthpiece creating a robust, rich, and warm sound.
True Large2
Machining a True Large Chamber

Because a True Large Chamber’s interior is significantly larger than the bore, machining tools cannot easily access a True Large Chamber mouthpiece's interior, let alone create the necessary complex shapes. This is why complex interior shapes have needed to be cast instead of machined...Until now.
We fully CNC-machine a huge chamber with fully rounded side-walls which extend in a mathematic (i.e. exact) curve all the way up to the tip. This is a true innovation in the world of CNC mouthpiece manufacturing. In fact, our manufacturing process is Patent Pending.

The Result
  • Incredible Sound
  • Sheer Beauty
  • Mathematical Accuracy
Our innovative process also allows us to design and create mathematically precise and exact interior design shapes. This was not previously possible.
The chamber is formed from a specific conical extension starting at the very tip of the mouthpiece. The inner side walls, baffle, and chamber are all machined to extremely high tolerances.
The result is sheer beauty, an incredible sound, and the ability to Unleash Your Soul!