"At Theo Wanne Mouthpieces and Instruments, we believe the most rewarding experience for a human being is one of selfless service to those in need. We are overjoyed to be supporting some of the most selfless organizations we have yet seen. The people involved with these charities are saints in our eyes as their lives are dedicated to the service of others." -Theo Wanne

Sri Kaleshwar - Shirdi Sai Global Trust

"While we are here on this planet we have to do something noble with our lives," Sri Kaleshwar says. He teaches that all of us must help wherever we can. Our actions must leave a sweet fragrance and be a great message that lives long after we are gone. This is the dharma of each person. Real moksha (enlightenment) is when someone looks in your eyes with gratitude because you have done something to remove their suffering. Swami's life is a living example of this. He tirelessly serves everyone who comes before him. It is an expression of his pure devotion and dedication to his master, Shirdi Baba.
The Shirdi Sai Global Trust was created as a service to humanity. The Trust provides food and water to the starving and homeless. Since 2001, an annual eye clinic has provided free operations to restore sight to thousands of people left blinded by cataracts. Hand-driven bicycles are given to the handicapped. Sewing machines are donated to the poor so that they can be more self-sufficient. Swami and the Trust are always looking to take care of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs of people.

Kaleshwar 1 Kaleshwar 2 Kaleshwar 3
Distributing clothes to the poor Gifting of hand-driven cycles to the handicapped Inaugurating the Drought Relief Food Program

Adhiparasakthi Charitable Medical, Educational & Cultural Trust

The Om Sakthi temple in Melmaruvathur India, near Chennai (Madras) is run by Bangaru Adigalar, also affectionately known as Amma. Amma is an Avatar and the incarnation of the Supreme power- Adhiparasakthi. Adigalar means, "One who is a slave to the love of the people." His tireless efforts to uplift the people of Southern India, and anyone else who arrives at the temple, through medicine, education, and spirituality is a huge accomplishment and inspiration. The philosophy of the temple is one of service to mankind. Examples include:

  • An annual "Eye Camp" where 1008 cataract surgeries are performed for the poor and 600 others received free glasses.
  • Reliefs to victims of natural calamities like flood, drought, fire etc. During such disasters, round the clock medical assistance is also provided.
  • Aid Appliances to the Handicapped.
  • Charitable 5
  • Free Homes are provided to the poor, handicapped, orphans and aged with basic amenities like bore-wells and electricity.
  • Charitable 6
  • A 500 bed hospital that is modern, clean, and effective. The hospital caters to the needs of the poor, all of whom are admitted completely free of charge, including medications.
  • Solemnizing Free Marriage for the Poor.
  • Adoption of children belonging to prisoners serving life and death sentences.
  • Loans are granted to farmers as well as the free distribution of ploughs, sprayers, plowing bulls, and pumping apparatus.
  • The temple is home to an elementary school, secondary school, several colleges including a Matriculation school, a Polytechnic, an Agricultural College, Colleges for Paramedical courses, a College of Science, and Engineering Colleges.

  • Excellence Northwest


    Excellence Northwest is a not-for-profit, volunteer-powered Whatcom County / Washington State resource dedicated to strengthening individuals through innovative courses that support them in creating the lives they desire. As an organization they believe in contributing to people's quality of life by helping them attract and nurture healthy relationships, promote compassionate communication, promote win-win interactions, and become effective leaders. Their vision is an ever-increasing community of people who are creating lives that they love. Excellence Northwest courses are about creating lifelong excellence. In their courses one experiences a supportive, dynamic, respectful, playful and challenging environment with facilitators that use a personalized and non-confrontational technique so people can find the benefits they seek. Excellence Northwest course techniques include: 

  • Lectures by the facilitator
  • Socratic interaction in large groups
  • Pair and small group exercises
  • Creative visualization
  • Games